Piss-Poor Propaganda Pirates

It sure seems that even the right-wing blogs are having problems spiting out the words to defend this administration's ham-handed attempts to use propaganda to further their agenda, (whatever the hell that is...) but of course that isn't stopping LGF, Instapundit and their ilk from trying. One thing you would think the right and the left could agree on is that this administration is just so freakin' BAD at it.

Tony Pierce lists the wonderful achievments by Bush's "Information Disbursal Team".

  • BushCo did pay off pro journalists, and got caught.
  • BushCo did sneak in a gay male hooker into the White House press corps and got caught.
  • BushCo did create videopropaganda disguised as news and sent it to tv news stations and got caught.
  • BushCo did leak classified information to the press regarding a CIA agent, lied about it under oath and got caught.
  • And now BushCo got caught paying off Iraqi newspapers to run "news" stories secretly written by the US Military.
  • Mr. Pierce also wonders whether Pajama Media isn't just the latest project being issued from the crack team of propagandists. It sure would be interesting to follow that money trail to see where it leads.

    Want to earn a BILLION dollars?

    Here's your chance. The Agency for International Development has posted that they will be accepting proposals for grants to help stabilize ten Iraqi cities.

    The United States Agency for International Development is seeking applications for an Assistance Agreement from qualified sources to design and implement a social and economic stabilization program impacting ten Strategic Cities, identified by the United States Government as critical to the defeat of the Insurgency in Iraq. The number of Strategic Cities may expand or contract over time. USAID plans to provide approximately $1,020,000,000 over two years to meet the objectives of the Program. An additional option year may be considered amounting to $300 million at the discretion of USAID. Funds are not yet available for this program.
    This administration really has to dig to find ways to piss away our freakin' money. I didn't even know there was such an agency.

    Let me guess who will get the contract... Halliburton and/or Bechtel maybe?

    Please contact:
    Feurtado, Yvette, Phone 962-6-590-6477, Fax 962-6-590-6333, Email yfeurtado@usaid.gov
    ...for more information and to get some of your hard earned tax money back.

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