To All Conspiracy Theorists:

I also believe there is a conspiracy plot to cover-up the black ops group hiding the secret cabal involved in the concealment of the whitewashed documents that reveal a high-level false flag junta camouflaging the real identity of the underground front group for the real perpetrators of the theft of many of the code names for the enshrouded backdoor operation that caused the failed overthrow of the original plotters.

I have proof.
I read it on a website. icon_rolleyes

New George W. Bush Coin Released!

The Department of the Treasury releases possible George W. Bush coin prototype:

George W. Bush Coin

A token coin for a token preznit.

Union Busting - GOP Style

You have GOT to hear this:
mp3 Audio - 1.2 meg

The Stephanie Miller Show caught this ad being run on FOX attempting to demonize Unions.
I thought this was a parody ad when I first heard it. Incredible.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Neocons

One of my favorite acoustic guitar players as a youth was the great folkie Norman Blake. His sound was ancient and it felt like his song were written for an earlier age. Litz, one of the posters at Eschaton turned me on to this incredible protest song performed by Norman and his wife Nancy. It's called:

"Don't Be Afraid Of The Neocons"

It's the kind of comprehensive song that you could imagine being unearthed in a generation to sum up these horrific times. I'd link to the CD for purchase but I haven't yet found the source.

Here's a sample of the lyrics:

And away down yonder in the Florida sand/Old Jeb Bush is a mighty man
He told little brother, don't be blue/For I'ma gonna hand this thing to you......

The churches all got on board/In the Holy name of our Lord
They took him for their favorite son/And they sent him away to Washington.......

Now Georgie Bush, he is the man/He landed in Afghanistan
We'll get Osama, was his crack/And now we're stranded in Iraq

He told ole' Rumsfeld on the green/Now you're the best I've ever seen
Just heed my words and you'll go far/And help me win my daddy's war....

God bless the talented artists of our time.
They define our generation.

The Iran Desk

Good bye "Office Of Special Plans"

Hello "The Iran Desk"

The propaganda continues.

Two Paragraphs - Dead On

via Matt Yglesias
Bush, Cheney, and those around them remind me of Nietzsche's line about staring too long into the abyss. They've become transfixed, hypnotized almost, by the evils they believe themselves to be fighting. Obsessed to the point where they've clearly developed an admiration for the brutal methods, ruthless dishonesty, and utter secrecy with which the enemies of liberalism conduct themselves.

Liberal democracy isn't a fluke occurrence that just so happens to have survived despite its drawbacks. It's actually a superior method of organizing a state. The idea that the country is being run by people who don't understand that is sad and frightening. The idea that the very same people claim to be embarked upon a grand mission to spread our system of government around the world is like a horrible tawdry joke.

"Abyssus abyssum invocat!
What is abyssus abyssum?
lt means the abyss calls the abyss."
- Diva

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