Ronald Reagan In Support of Unions and Collective Bargaining

Sorry Scott Walker. Wrong again.
Good article here as well.
Does Scott Walker Know That Ronald Reagan Supported Unions and Collective Bargaining?

The News Is Also Planted

Great article on the business of planting a meme into the public's consciousness and how public opinion can be swayed one call at a time. Tablet Magazine uncovers who is behind some of those calls you hear on talk radio. The company Premiere On Call hires actors to call into talk radio programs and read preset scripts. Premiere is the one exposed here but I'm sure there are other as yet unexposed.

Premiere On Call, a division of the Clear Channel subsidiary that distributes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, is a service that hires actors to call into radio shows and read a script that purports to be a true story presented by the public. They bind their actors to confidentiality agreements, and disavow any involvement in fraud, saying "Premiere, like many other content providers, facilitates casting--while character and script development, and how the talent's contribution is integrated into programs, are handled by the varied stations."

The actors hired by Premiere to provide the aforementioned voice talents sign confidentiality agreements and so would not go on the record. But their accounts leave little room for doubt. All of the actors I questioned reported receiving scripts, calling in to real shows, pretending to be real people. Frequently, one actor said, the calls were live, sometimes recorded in advance, but never presented on-air as anything but real.

If they are doing this for radio shows I've got to believe they are also hiring people to troll internet sites. I've had a few run-ins with trolls who said they were hired to post their baiting posts... but who knows.. they are trolls and it's their goal to deceive.
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