Bloggers Guilty of (gasp!) Informing Public

In the court case of Apple vs. the bloggers who leaked tech information about an upcoming release of hardware for Apple, the judge has chastised the bloggers for the dastardly deed of "informing the public".

The judge was quoted as saying that the bloggers "are doing nothing more than feeding the public's insatiable desire for information."

Excuse me? whaaa? Is this not the definition of journalism? (I'll concede that the definition has been somewhat stretched as of late.... thanks Mr. Guckert)

While I understand that Apple has a right to their intellectual property but reporters/bloggers also have the right to report news (and this IS important news to a large segment of the computer community) when it is thrown their way. Using this judge's statements I would say a pretty large portion of the news I heard today could fall under his condemnation.

At least Fox news is free and clear... very little true information being distributed there.

Bob Garfield of On The Media has a good interview this week with Susan Crawford, professor of internet law at Cardozo Law School about this case.

The Walking GOP Talking Point

Mr. Joementum should not just be run out of the Democratic Party, he should be run out of the country.

He made some incredibly stupid statements today on Meet The Press. Any chance this asshat has to denigrate and degrade his party he does so with abandon. When asked the leading question about how the Democrats can make themselves look better on "moral" issues, Joe doesn't hit it out of the park with the obvious response that the Democratic Party has ALWAYS been taking the high ground on moral issues, instead he drops the ball and say that well.. maybe in the future the Dems will get better on these issues

Stunning.. just stunning. I'm still not convinced that he's not a bought and paid for GOP plant. Prove me wrong one day, will ya Joe?

Joe Lieberman is a walking GOP talking point.

Claire Shipman on "This Weak with George Stayontopofthis" refered to the Evangelical Right, asking for the right to force Mr. Schiavo from acting in the best interest of his wife, as:
"The Schiavo Supporters"

Isn't who is really supporting this family at least in question, Claire?

I sometimes wonder if they even know when they do crap like this.

If it's Friday... it's...


picture by eldest daughter Brittainy
(age: (nearly) 17)

Wouldn't Join Any Group With Me As A Member

In the mail today I received a survey from the NAACP and that kicked off a rollicking good family discussion about segregated groups. You know.. the arguments about why it's ok for some groups to exclude based of race, religion or gender but not others. (e.g. Why it's ok to have a Miss Black USA pagent but not a Miss White USA pagent)

The consensus was that it's not ok and that groups doing this have every right to do so but that they are not doing their group/cause any service by being excusive.

This led us on to issue of the boy scouts and their attempts to exclude gays from joining. This is where the idea of Gay Scouts was postulated. While being excussive starting a group like this would not be right, I could envision some very creative field trips and outtings. (sorry for the pun)

A quick seach of the web found that there are groups discussing this very idea... with a very nice logo I might add.

Who IS this guy?

These researchers are incredible. dKos is all over this.

It looks like our ole buddy James/Jeff Guckert/Gannon never actually served in the military like he said. Just who the hell IS this guy? Is he even American? Why does he need to create this facade around himself.. and why are people defending this schmuck?

Come on Jeff... open up those over-stuffed closets and lets get it all out on the table.

Any reporter who doesn't see a story here should have their press cards vaporized.

If you can't beat em, become them!

Of course, this wouldn't be a proper media watchdog site without discussing the bombshell dropped by the New York Times this week about the State Department and other governmetal agencies delivering Video News Releases (VNRs) to local stations... AND some local stations playing these VNRs without informing the public as to their origins. It sure is a fun little game they are playing with the American public. Not one I think too many people would appreciate if they knew.

On The Media had a great story this week on the whole propaganda nightmare.

Bobo Awakes!

This is incredible. David Brooks found his scupples!

We've found that their finally IS a limit to the outrage that even the sycophantic Brooks will tolerate. Bobo Brooks actually does a pretty good job laying out the incredible sleaze-o-factor by DeLay and his cronies. Based on his past I question his real outrage here but he's smart enough to know that when that house of cards comes falling down he wants to be as far away as possible from the collapse.

It does say something about the impending fall. If Bobo's on it, it can't be too far away.

Terri The Terrorist?

Poor Terri Schiavo and family don't have enough problems with the media and Tom Delay using them as pawns and punching bags...


Update: Four Hours later and still not fixed. Incredible

What? Me Worry?

I pray to all that is good and pure in this world that in the near future we will not all be discussing just what the hell the Congress was doing investigating steroids in sports (read: wasting their time) while the next set of terrorist attacks were being planned for this country and why the media was not holding their feet to the fire for it.

Maybe I worry too much. Maybe not.... at all.

Feel The Love

Can you feel the love for our humble little country growing?

Wolfowitz is seen by many here as a unilateralist hawk and Europeans are outraged. Analysts across the continent spend Thursday venting on an appointment widely seen as "the absolutely wrong decision."

The more I think about the latest "flip the bird to the world" the more the steam leaks out my ears. What kind of message does it send to the rest of the world when our President continues to Peter Principle up these people after their stunning failures. The message is obvious to the rest of the world if not to America. Competence be damned... full bootlicker loyalty ahead! As long as you are part of the team... up you go. Any desent is put down immediately (if politically expedient).

I wonder how many companies have failed under this doctrine. Surely the pro-GOP business community can see the inevitable failings in this system. I guess the lure of easy money is just too powerful.

As a wise man once said: "The last act of a despot regime is to loot the treasury".

Who writes these things?

Latest CNN poll sillyness.

Isn't it time you stopped questioning the Bush Administration?
Isn't it time to give into the darkside and be assimilated like your neighbors?
Isn't it time you just went home and sat quietly by until they come to round you up?

It's inspiring to see that at least the people in Europe haven't stuffed themselves into a narcoleptic indifference that has seemed to enveloped much of America.

I wish I was there to join them. Instead my wife and I created this site. Thanks my love.

Welcome all....

The site is ALIVE

Hello World!

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