ABC News Science Fail

Screen shot of ABC's Good Morning America today and their screen crawl reporting the amazing accomplishment of NASA and the JPL team landing the rover "Curiosity" on the planet Mars after a "352 mile journey" through space. Amazing! Nice short cut NASA!
Please try harder ABC.

Santastic Christmas 2011

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Ronald Reagan In Support of Unions and Collective Bargaining

Sorry Scott Walker. Wrong again.
Good article here as well.
Does Scott Walker Know That Ronald Reagan Supported Unions and Collective Bargaining?

The News Is Also Planted

Great article on the business of planting a meme into the public's consciousness and how public opinion can be swayed one call at a time. Tablet Magazine uncovers who is behind some of those calls you hear on talk radio. The company Premiere On Call hires actors to call into talk radio programs and read preset scripts. Premiere is the one exposed here but I'm sure there are other as yet unexposed.

Premiere On Call, a division of the Clear Channel subsidiary that distributes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, is a service that hires actors to call into radio shows and read a script that purports to be a true story presented by the public. They bind their actors to confidentiality agreements, and disavow any involvement in fraud, saying "Premiere, like many other content providers, facilitates casting--while character and script development, and how the talent's contribution is integrated into programs, are handled by the varied stations."

The actors hired by Premiere to provide the aforementioned voice talents sign confidentiality agreements and so would not go on the record. But their accounts leave little room for doubt. All of the actors I questioned reported receiving scripts, calling in to real shows, pretending to be real people. Frequently, one actor said, the calls were live, sometimes recorded in advance, but never presented on-air as anything but real.

If they are doing this for radio shows I've got to believe they are also hiring people to troll internet sites. I've had a few run-ins with trolls who said they were hired to post their baiting posts... but who knows.. they are trolls and it's their goal to deceive.
via BoingBoing

Hope Is Fading Fast

President Obama: Don't make me put one of these on my Christmas Wish List:

Reports have been wrong before, but the intertubes tell me that the Obama stimulus plan involves sending lots of troops to Afghanistan.
Let's just tell them to give up bin Laden and the Iman and we'll be on our way. Thanks for playing.

Glenn Greenwald v Joe Klein

I'm not sure Joe Klein can survive this latest evisceration by Glenn Greenwald.
When Glenn Gets you. You get got.
He's called "Glennzilla" for good reason.

As someone said brilliantly about watching "Jokeline" pick a fight with Glenn: "That's like watching a man with a lion tamer's hat actually taking on a lion."

Latest Project

Off topic but.......
Below are photos of my latest project.
For years I've been throwing old computer boards into a box in the garage to someday recycle them into some sort of project. It finally popped in my head to create a table with them using some of the black walnut from a tree we cut down a few years ago and had milled in the yard with a portable mill.

It's basically two tables. One internal table to screw the boards to and another set of wood frames with glass that slide on top of the board table. It's basically a wood diorama. It will be very easy to swap out the computer boards with something else once we get tired of the look of the boards.

Auto-Tunes The News

Saturday Night Live really needs to pick up these guys and make it part of their news segments. Great stuff.

The Role of the Press: Stenographers

"I do believe that a reporter's job is to capture what people say and then let readers and viewers make up their minds what they think. It seems like that's less popular, less admirable, today but I still believe it. That's what our job is."
- David Ignatius of the Washington Post

Video of Entire Interview

Audio Clip

Stuff Journalists Like

Here's a fun way to start your Monday. Read all about Stuff Journalists Like.

Based on the popular Stuff White People Like, this site helps us understand why Journalists, and those wish they were, do what they do.

I liked #10:
For a journalist, there are a few things to look forward to. There's the end of an election. The closing of a trial and of course when the town's annual rodeo/festival/art show is finally over. After a long day of grilling public officials, dredging through public records, chasing ambulances and writing 25-inch stories, journalists like to relax with a tall cold one.
The old stereotype of the curmudgeon journalist with a bottle of whiskey in his desk is alive and well today because journalists like to drink.
Between natural disasters, covering triple homicides and reporting on fatal accidents, journalists see some pretty horrific stuff. And since journalist pay ranks around that of a trained circus monkey, they can’t afford any psychological help. However, they can afford a $15 bottle of Fighting Cock bourbon. Nothing takes the edge off after a day of reporting on the scene of drug bust, shifting through six years of financial papers at city hall and stressing over deadlines like a nice shot of low-shelf whiskey or a pint.

True insight on every post. bamwink

ABCs Dirty Little Secret

Why would a news organization not report on one of the top news stories in the last decade?
Glenzilla has the full story

[ more.. ]

He Knows No Shame

Our old buddy Richard Perle is back in the news with his new venture.

Perle, one of the most influential proponents of 2003 invasion of Iraq, is in talks to join a consortium of investors with the Kurdish Regional Government, today's Wall Street Journal reports.

The Journal reports that Perle is talking with a Turkish firm, AK Group International, and also a representative from the government of Kazakhstan. They are targeting the co-called "K18 concession" which is near the city of Erbil and is estimated to hold 150 million or more barrels of oil.

There is a special place in hell reserved for this man.
As Bryon Gysin said: "Man Is A Bad Animal."

The News Not On CNN - Truth of War

From the AP

Texas' Hunt Oil Co. and Kurdistan's regional government said Saturday they've signed a production-sharing contract for petroleum exploration in northern Iraq, the first such deal since the Kurds passed their own oil and gas law in August.

A Hunt subsidiary, Hunt Oil Co. of the Kurdistan Region, will begin geological survey and seismic work by the end of 2007 and hopes to drill an exploration well in 2008, the parties said in a news release. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

From Hunt's bio: "In October 2001 and again in January 2006, Mr. Hunt was appointed by President George W. Bush to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board in Washington, D.C."

-Via Josh Marshall

Hypocrisy Quote of a Generation

"If a man has values and standards, but does not live up to them, it does nothing to discredit the validity or those values and standards, and he is far preferable to those timid souls who, without values and standards, cannot fall short of them nor ever run the risk of being charged with hypocrisy,"
- - Rep. Richard Baker, R-Baton

wow.. just wow.

Libby's Demise

M E R R Y    F I T Z M A S ! !

The day is finally here....

Media Matters does a great job of documenting the numerous instances of conservative misinformation about the CIA leak case.

Update: This is great. Rush Limbaugh is warning that the country should beware of "Poking The Bear".
There's a quote that the conservatives will choke on. muhahahaaaa

The Stoopids

This is hilarious.. from The Weekly Stoopids back in April 2003.

They attempt to document for posterity sake all the people who thought the Iraq war wouldn't be the bestest war evah!
All of whom turned out to be exactly right.

Such luminarys featured:

  • Eric Alterman
  • Nicholas D. Kristof
  • Chris Matthews
  • Scott Ritter
  • James Webb
  • James K. Galbraith
  • Ted Rall
  • Peter Arnett

    I'm actually amazed this article hasn't been disappeared down the rabbit hole of history.

    Via This Modern World

  • An Apology:

    We would like to apologize for the way in which politicians are represented on this blog. It was never our intention to imply that politicians are weak-kneed, political time-servers who are concerned more with their personal vendettas and private power struggles than the problems of government, nor to suggest at any point that they sacrifice their credibility by denying free debate on vital matters in the mistaken impression that party unity comes before the well-being of the people they supposedly represent nor to imply at any stage that they are squabbling little toadies without an ounce of concern for the vital social problems of today.

    Nor indeed do we intend that viewers should consider them as crabby ulcerous little self-seeking vermin with furry legs and an excessive addiction to alcohol and certain explicit sexual practices, which some people might find offensive.

    We are sorry if this impression has come across.

    (from Monty Python episode 32

    Bad Nuke News Of The Week

    .. and it's not Korea

    Experts warn of an accidental atomic war.
    Nuclear missile modified for conventional attack on Iran could set off alarm in Russia.

    Pentagon project to modify its deadliest nuclear missile for use as a conventional weapon against targets such as North Korea and Iran could unwittingly spark an atomic war, two weapons experts warned Thursday.

    Russian military officers might misconstrue a submarine-launched conventional D5 intercontinental ballistic missile and conclude that Russia is under nuclear attack, said Ted Postol, a physicist and professor of science, technology and national security policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Pavel Podvig, a physicist and weapons specialist at Stanford.

    "Any launch of a long-range nonnuclear armed sea or land ballistic missile will cause an automated alert of the Russian early warning system," Postol told reporters.

    From San Fran Chronicle

    Posted for Future Reference

    Just for the record, under Richard Clarke's leadership as Czar of Counterterrorism:

    CLINTON developed the nation's first anti-terrorism policy, and appointed first national coordinator of anti-terrorist efforts.

  • Bill Clinton stopped cold the Al Qaeda millennium hijacking and bombing plots.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to kill the Pope.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up 12 U.S. jetliners simultaneously.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up UN Headquarters.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up FBI Headquarters.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up the Israeli Embassy in Washington.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up Boston airport.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up Lincoln and Holland Tunnels in NY.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up the George Washington Bridge.
  • Bill Clinton stopped cold a planned attack to blow up the US Embassy in Albania.
  • Bill Clinton tried to kill Osama bin Laden and disrupt Al Qaeda through preemptive strikes (efforts denounced by the G.O.P.).
  • Bill Clinton brought perpetrators of first World Trade Center bombing and CIA killings to justice.
  • Bill Clinton did not blame the Bush I administration for first WTC bombing even though it occurred 38 days after Bush left office. Instead, worked hard, even obsessively - and successfully - to stop future terrorist attacks.
  • Bill Clinton named the Hart-Rudman commission to report on nature of terrorist threats and major steps to be taken to combat terrorism.
  • Bill Clinton sent legislation to Congress to tighten airport security. (Remember, this is before 911) The legislation was defeated by the Republicans because of opposition from the airlines.
  • Bill Clinton sent legislation to Congress to allow for better tracking of terrorist funding. It was defeated by Republicans in the Senate because of opposition from banking interests.
  • Bill Clinton sent legislation to Congress to add tagents to explosives, to allow for better tracking of explosives used by terrorists. It was defeated by the Republicans because of opposition from the NRA.
  • Bill Clinton increased the military budget by an average of 14 per cent, reversing the trend under Bush I.
  • Bill Clinton tripled the budget of the FBI for counterterrorism and doubled overall funding for counterterrorism.
  • Bill Clinton detected and destroyed cells of Al Qaeda in over 20 countries.
  • Bill Clinton created national stockpile of drugs and vaccines including 40 million doses of smallpox vaccine.
  • Of Clinton's efforts says Robert Oakley, Reagan Ambassador for Counterterrorism: "Overall, I give them very high marks" and "The only major criticism I have is the obsession with Osama".

    Paul Bremer, current Civilian Administrator of Iraq disagrees slightly with Robert Oakley as he believed the Bill Clinton Administration had "correctly focused on bin Laden.

    Barton Gellman in the Washington Post put it best, "By any measure available, Bill Clinton left office having given greater priority to terrorism than any president before him" and was the "first administration to undertake a systematic anti-terrorist effort".

    Clarence Swinney,
    Political Historian

    Two Paragraphs - Dead On

    via Matt Yglesias
    Bush, Cheney, and those around them remind me of Nietzsche's line about staring too long into the abyss. They've become transfixed, hypnotized almost, by the evils they believe themselves to be fighting. Obsessed to the point where they've clearly developed an admiration for the brutal methods, ruthless dishonesty, and utter secrecy with which the enemies of liberalism conduct themselves.

    Liberal democracy isn't a fluke occurrence that just so happens to have survived despite its drawbacks. It's actually a superior method of organizing a state. The idea that the country is being run by people who don't understand that is sad and frightening. The idea that the very same people claim to be embarked upon a grand mission to spread our system of government around the world is like a horrible tawdry joke.

    "Abyssus abyssum invocat!
    What is abyssus abyssum?
    lt means the abyss calls the abyss."
    - Diva


    Make your Representatives accountable AND make some money.

    Zephyr Teachout of the Sunlight Foundation is offering members of the public a "goodwill bounty" of $1,000 for each Member of Congress, and $250 for each candidate, that they persuade to sign the Punch Clock Agreement, an agreement to put their daily schedules on the Internet.

    Members of Congress work for us, and we should know what they do every day.

    The Iran Desk

    Good bye "Office Of Special Plans"

    Hello "The Iran Desk"

    The propaganda continues.


    International terrorist acts:

    2005 - 11,111 = 14,602 deaths
    2004 - 651 = 1907 deaths
    2003 - 208 = 625 deaths
    2002 - 199 = 725 deaths
    2001 - 355 = 3,295 deaths
    2000 - 423 = 405 deaths
    1999 - 392 = 233 deaths
    1998 - 273 = 741 deaths
    1997 - 304 = 221 deaths
    1996 - 296 = 311 deaths

    Source: US Department of State

    Glaring Contradictions

    Asia Times
    "With a truce between the Pakistani Taliban and Islamabad now in place, the Pakistani government is in effect reverting to its pre-September 11, 2001, position in which it closed its eyes to militant groups allied with al-Qaeda and clearly sided with the Taliban in Afghanistan. While the truce has generated much attention, a more significant development is an underhand deal between pro-al-Qaeda elements and Pakistan in which key al-Qaeda figures will either not be arrested or those already in custody will be set free."

    The National Security Strategy of the United States of America
    "To defeat this threat we must make use of every tool in our arsenal—military power, better homeland defenses, law enforcement, intelligence, and vigorous efforts to cut off terrorist financing. The war against terrorists of global reach is a global enterprise of uncertain duration. America will help nations that need our assistance in combating terror. And America will hold to account nations that are compromised by terror, including those who harbor terrorists— because the allies of terror are the enemies of civilization. The United States and countries cooperating with us must not allow the terrorists to develop new home bases. Together, we will seek to deny them sanctuary at every turn."

    Freeper Heads Explode in.... 3... 2...1....

    To All Conspiracy Theorists:

    I also believe there is a conspiracy plot to cover-up the black ops group hiding the secret cabal involved in the concealment of the whitewashed documents that reveal a high-level false flag junta camouflaging the real identity of the underground front group for the real perpetrators of the theft of many of the code names for the enshrouded backdoor operation that caused the failed overthrow of the original plotters.

    I have proof.
    I read it on a website. icon_rolleyes

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